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Landgate Forms Package

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The Landgate Forms Package was first sold to consumers in 1998. In essence, the Landgate Forms Package enables users to easily create a collection of the most commonly used Landgate Forms simply by entering key information into easy to navigate boxes.

The new Landgate Forms Package (version 7) will hopefully be released late in 2010. Features of the current version (version 6.2)which was released in May 2006, include:

1.       67 Standard Forms, as Microsoft Word Templates. Examples include:

(i)     D3 - Discharge of Mortgage (Part of Moneys and some of Mortgagees;

(ii)     Notice to Proprietor under Section 129C(1a) of the T.L.A.;

(iii)    Notice to Mortgagee/Chargee under Section 129C2(1a) of the T.L.A.;

(iv)    T8 - Transfer of Mortgage, Charge or Freehold Lease under Writ or Warrant;

(v)     forms containing statutory declarations: A2a, A10, B3 & T5;

(vi)    applications A9, A 10, A11, A12;

(vii)    removal of caveat AW;

(viii)   carbon credit / tree plantation forms: CC!, CCR, E3, E4, E5, S4, S5, S6, T10, T11, T12, TP1, V1 & V2;

(ix) new transfer T9; and

(x) property seizure and sale forms A11, A12, T7 & T8.

2.       New easy to use installation program, with uninstall feature; and

3.       Word 2007 compatible.

As well as including the above features, the Landgate Forms Package also includes the following features:

1.        A myriad sealing clauses including single director/secretary company sealing clauses;

2.        Automatic insertion of lodging and preparing party details;

3.        Use your own laser printer, not printed forms;

4.        Easy selection of form via menu;

5.        Easy to complete: just click on a field and type the information;

6.        Easy to use installation program.


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Dola Forms Package

Order Form - 1st Feb 2010

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DOLA Forms on Disk - VERSION 6.2
produced under licence from the State of WA and approved by the WA Department of Land Administration

User Manual - 28th Feb 2007

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Congratulations on your purchase of the DOLA Forms
Package. After reading the following documentation you
will be able to create DOLA Forms easier than ever

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