Are you tired of providing interest-free loans to your customers/clients?!

Our lawyers have developed a comprehensive set of documents that will take you through the process of recovering your debts from clients in simple, easy to follow steps; from reminder letter to court action and enforcement, if necessary. With this kit you will have no need to continually pay for our lawyer’s services; you will learn the steps yourself to quickly gain the money you’re owed.

The DIY Kit is a 142 page instruction booklet with 93 pages of Word and PDF documents, and links to relevant webpages, all of which are brought up by clicking embedded buttons.

The DIY Debt Collection Kit contains:

  • TIPS and TECHNIQUES, including CLAUSES TO ADD TO YOUR TERMS, providing for interest on overdue debts, admin fees for chasing debts, and full reimbursement of any legal costs, IN FULL;
  • TELEPHONE SCRIPTS and TEMPLATE LETTERS to use, plus WORKED EXAMPLES, including a final demand letter with a draft Magistrates Court Summons attached (to show you mean business) with 11 pages of reminder and demand template letters, telephone scripts, a checklist and a useful guide on how to identify your client properly;
  • A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO COMMENCE A MAGISTRATES COURT ACTION, if the demand letters have no effect, with 9 Court document templates;
  • A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO OBTAIN A JUDGMENT against your debtor, taking you through the Magistrate Court minefield if your claim is defended, with another 17 Court document templates;
  • A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO RECOVER YOUR JUDGMENT DEBT, e.g. getting the Bailiff to sell the debtors property for him/her/it, and forcing your customer’s/client’s bank to empty all accounts in the name of the debtor until your debt is paid in full, with yet another 8 Court documents;
  • 62 pages of WORKED EXAMPLES, with commentary, for all letter and court forms.

Our DIY Debt Collection Kit ensures:

  • no more long debtor lists;
  • no more interest free loans.

Refer A Friend and Receive a Rebate!

If you own a kit, you receive 10% off your next renewal fee for every referral that either buys a kit, or renews their licence. After 10 converted referrals, you receive the 10% as a cash rebate, paid monthly. Just send us full details of your referral, sufficient to match them up on our database.

We are so confident that this kit will help, we will provide a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the kit*.

*in exchange for you:  signing a statutory declaration confirming that you have uninstalled the kit and deleted all copies of the templates that you might have made; and providing your reason for not being happy with the kit.

CLICK HERE to download the order form, then post or email it back to us to receive the kit!