Multiple Court Actions

Today Michael will be in Court most of the day attending a mediation in which he will be trying to settle six related Court actions.

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Red Cross Wills

Irene and Jarred were busy over the last couple of days taking instructions from clients and preparing wills as part of a fund-raiser for the

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Special Purpose Wills

We have been preparing some special purpose wills lately: Wills that make special provision for intellectually disabled children; and Wills that only allow the next

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What is Estate Planning?

What is estate planning all about? It’s about making adequate provision for those you leave behind. From a legal point of view this includes Wills,

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I saw a lovely 79 year old lady on Tuesday.  She is moving into a nursing home in Glendalough run the Little Sisters of the

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Old Will After Divorce

We saw 2 clients two weeks ago to prepare some wills.  Both were divorced some 20 years ago. Both were unaware that the wills that

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Winding Up Estates

We’ve been helping a client wind up an estate. Unfortunately, she started without us, and distributed a lot of what should have been the residuary

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