Commercial Property Landlords – Protect Your Investment

Protecting your investment in retail and other commercial premises should not be difficult or time-consuming.  Let us support you to prepare and enforce leases, making your life smoother and easier.

 Commercial Lease Support

 If you are a landlord who owns commercial property, we can:

  • Provide agreements to lease, containing the key elements and special conditions required, with a pro forma lease attached.
  • Ensure compliance with the Commercial Tenancy legislation regarding disclosure statements and other legal requirements.
  • Prepare variations, extensions, and surrenders of lease.
  • Assist with the collection of rent and outgoings.
  • Issue default notices and demands and, if necessary, Court papers.
  • Ensure that on termination of the lease, you can change the locks, seize any property that is left on the premises, and sell it to recover unpaid rent and outgoings.


With our support, you can rest assured that your leasing issues are taken care of, minimising hassle so you can save time and money and stay in control. Contact us now for advice on managing your commercial lease. Call our experienced team today on (08) 9443 5383 to make a no-obligation initial appointment – or complete the enquiry form below. We look forward to being of assistance to you.