Don’t leave it too late to provide for your family & business after you cannot.

Have you thought about the impact on your loved ones if you pass away without a Will or suffer an unforeseen accident, leaving you unable to manage your own financial affairs?

Are you confident that you have made provisions for your spouse, business partners, co-shareholders, and staff? Do you feel clear on how your superannuation and assets will be distributed or who will control your companies and/or trusts? If the answer to any of these questions is no, you need some estate planning.

At Michael Paterson & Associates, we have extensive experience in estate planning and the related documents.  We tailor these documents to suit your specific needs and wants, and will take the time to explain the important aspects of each document to you. We can help you to maximise the value of your estate and avoid paying more income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax than necessary. Let us assist you with:

  • Wills – for dealing with your personal assets
  • Binding Death Benefit Nominations – for dealing with superannuation assets
  • Partnership Agreements – to specify how your partnership interest will be sold or transferred
  • Shareholder and Unit Holder Agreements – to specify how your shares or trust units will be sold/transferred
  • Put/Call Option Agreements – are another way to specify how your business interests will be sold or transferred.
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney – to allow others to make financial and property decisions on your behalf, even if you become mentally incapable
  • Enduring Powers of Guardianship – to allow others to make lifestyle and medical decisions on your behalf if you become mentally incapable
  • Advance Health Directives – to specify how you want, or do not want, to be treated in relation to various medical conditions
  • Probate and Letters of Administration – Court-endorsed authority to allow executors or administrators to deal with the deceased’s estate

We can help you put plans in place so you can sleep better at night, knowing everything is taken care of. For advice on estate planning from our expert team, call us today! Call: (08) 9443 5383 or use the contact form below.