Franchises Can Be Fiddly!

At Michael Paterson & Associates, we know what a headache managing franchise agreements can be. Let us simplify the process for you by setting up agreements that fulfil your requirements and make things clear from the start. We can also help you to enforce the agreements when necessary.

Franchisor Support

We will help you with:

  • Preparing agreements that are fair and reasonable to both parties.
  • Achieving compliance with the Franchise Code of Conduct with regard to disclosure statements, marketing funds, and other requirements.
  • Preparing default notices and demands.
  • Enforcement of Franchise agreements, as and when necessary.
  • Terminating Franchise agreements, when necessary.
  • If appropriate, setting up, and providing appropriate documentation for, business arrangements that are not franchises for the purpose of the Code, but are similar, to which the Code does not apply.

Whether you are an experienced franchisor or just starting out, we can help.  For franchise agreement advice tailored to your business, call our team today on (08) 9443 5383, or complete the enquiry form below. We look forward to being of assistance to you.