Michael Paterson was appointed as a General Public Notary by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on 17 April 2000 under the provisions of the Public Notary Act 1979.

What Exactly is a Notary Public?

In Western Australia, a Notary Public is a legal Practitioner who has been given the power and authority by the Supreme Court to carry on a Notarial Practice, mainly assisting people who need documents notarised – see Document Notarisation for more details.

The term “Notarius” originates from ancient Rome. These were Public Officials who would copy and transcribe official and private documents. In 1279, the Pope authorised the Archbishop of Canterbury to appoint Notaries, as they were virtually unknown in England before that. The English Notarial Practice evolved from there and Australian Notarial Practice is based on the English Notarial Practice.

For an appointment with Michael Paterson, our Notary Public, contact us on (08) 9443 5383.

NB. If you need documents witnessed, you will need 100 points of identification, such as a passport and a driver’s licence.