Let us help you tie up the loose ends

If you are dealing with the death of a relative or friend and struggling with the red tape, we can help. Let us support you to get through this difficult time with the least amount of hassle.

Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration?

You might be wondering if you need a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. If there is a Will, the executor(s) needs a Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court.  If there is no Will, one of more of the persons entitled to the estate need to be appointed administrator, with a Grant of Letters of Administration.  Prior to that, the estate vests in the Public Trustee, and you do not want to leave it there. We can help you to get this process moving.

Simplifying the Process of Obtaining the Grant

At Michael Paterson & Associates, we understand that the last thing you want when someone close to you has passed away, is the stress of sorting out the paperwork. We will help you to ensure that all documents filed in the Supreme Court Probate Registry comply with the necessary requirements, taking the stress out of the process for you.

Winding-Up the Estate

Once the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration is obtained, we can give you the advice you need to administer the estate with as little fuss as possible. The next steps that the Executor or Administrator needs to take are:

  • Collecting and preserving the estate assets.
  • Discharging the liabilities.
  • Resolving any disputes.
  • Distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

Let us guide you through winding up the estate with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

Is There Anything Worse Than a Blended Family Dispute Over A Will?   

In the case of blended families, things can get complicated. Unfortunately, in such families, inadequate provision is often made for certain relatives of a deceased – or they might think that they have been inadequately provided for. If so, an application may be made to the Supreme Court, under the Family Provision Act 1974, which effectively re-writes the deceased person’s Will, or re-distributes the deceased person’s estate.

It may also be that a Will can be challenged, alleging it is invalid because the deceased lacked the capacity, amongst other possible reasons, to make a valid Will at the time.

The trick is to not use up the deceased’s estate on legal fees fighting over the estate! Let us help you to untangle things so you can find a peaceful resolution.


When you are dealing with the death of a relative or close friend, the last thing you need is to have to worry about applying for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and winding up the estate, on top of everything else. Let us help you take the heartache and hassle out of the process of obtaining Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration. Call our experienced team today on (08) 9443 5383 or complete the contact form below.