Relax, while we sort out your Terms of Trade and protect your business with clear & comprehensive contracts

Do you supply goods or services on credit to your regular customers?
Are you confident that your terms of trade cover the risks you face?
Would you like to obtain trade agreements without needing a signature?

Getting trade agreements in place may not be the most exciting part of running your business, but failing to do so can result in a drain on your cash flow in the long term. Without a clear and thorough contract, you run the risk of delayed payments and having to pay for materials before you take payment from your clients. The end of this road is lengthy and expensive debt collection procedures. Getting it right from the start will help to avoid misunderstandings, and ensuring your peace of mind.

We can help you to clearly set out in your contract:

  • What products, services, or materials you will provide.
  • Your prices, payment terms, and timelines.
  • What happens if either party doesn’t deliver.
  • Warranties and limitations of liability.
  • Guarantees from company directors.
  • Recovering any outlay of costs and expenses.
  • Retention of ownership provisions.

 Experienced lawyers & tailored support

Our lawyers have considerable experience drafting contracts and you can relax in their capable hands. We also provide advice relating to the Consumer Law.

We will:

  • Write terms specifically for your business
  • Set out what should happen in every situation, so there is absolute clarity between you and your clients.
  • Help you avoid disputes and save money.
  • Make the process clear and manageable, communicating closely with you throughout.

Cover the bases

Every quotation must include your terms of trade, so it’s essential to get this right from the first contact with a client.  Subject to your instructions, we will ensure that contracts include terms covering:

  • Creation of the contract by oral or written acceptance of your offer, or by conduct, such as payment of a deposit.
  • Interest & late payment fees on overdue invoices.
  • Retention of ownership of goods until the full purchase price is paid, as far as is possible.
  • Full recovery of your enforcement expenses, in cases of non-payment of invoices or other breaches of contract.
  • Prices at current rates if no fixed price is negotiated, with allowance for price variations, if your suppliers increase their prices.
  • Clients being required to supply all access and information necessary to perform the work/supply the goods.
  • Force Majeure: clarifying that you are not responsible for untoward events beyond your control.
  • Allowance for additional work to be requested, and provision for escape, if the work is greater than anticipated due to unforeseen issues.
  • Extra protection with credit applications, with company directors being personally liable for debts, and your terms being automatically included in all contracts.


Terms of trade can spell the difference between a business that prospers and one that flounders.


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