I am Notary Public and we had the AGM of the Public Notaries Society of WA on Tuesday.

At 54 I drop the average age of the Notaries by a year or 2!  I am also the secretary, and we covered a lot of ground on Tuesday and so the minutes took me ages to complete.

One item discussed involved a solicitor in Perth, who could be in a lot of trouble.  It seems that he has been purporting to be Notary, with his own “Notary Public” stamp, but he is not.  While this is an offence with a whopping $500.00 fine, there are wider repercussion because all the documents that he has purported to sign as a notary are invalid, causing all sorts of possible loss and damage and he will probably in deep trouble with the Legal Practice Board.

If in doubt, there is a list of Notaries on the Attorney General’s website.

If you hear of a person who is going overseas and needs documents witnessed by a Notary, or needs to have documents certified by a Notary, I can assist.

For assistance with disputes between business associates, contact Michael Paterson & Associates.

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