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Deed of Gift

This week I’ve been giving advice to a new client about transferring her house into her name and her daughter, as joint tenants, so that it does not form part of her estate and be the subject of a claim by her other daughter, from whom she has been estranged for 14 years. The transfer […]

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Sale of Land Dispute

We settled a sale of land contract dispute. Our client contracted to buy a strata unit, subject to the standard REIWA Major Structural Defect provisions. Our client obtained a report which indicated major structural defects in relation to some outside walls. The seller tried to argue that the outside walls were a strata property issue,

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Messy Agency Issues

Our client provided estimates to company A for work on 2 trailers, did the work, charged the amount in the estimate, and got paid. Our client then provided: Our client, believing he was only dealing with company A, issued invoices to company A, but company A said, “not our problem mate”. Company B then blamed

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Trade Mark Dispute

We recently helped a client with a trademark application, consisting of 3 words. An aggressive US company which has a few trademarks related to one of those works has lodged an objection, claiming that our clients trade mark is deceptively similar, is likely to deceive or cause confusion, and that our client was deliberately seeking

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Trust Deeds

Do you have your business held in Family Trust or Discretionary Trust? The ATO and most trust deeds, require a resolution distributing the income from the trust to its various beneficiaries to be made. If the resolutions are not passed, they cannot be made and back-dated.  That amounts to fraud. Some deed have a default

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Contract Dispute

We have been helping a client chase a $242k debt, half of which is not actually in dispute, but our client’s client is basically trying to extort a settlement for a lesser sum by withholding the whole amount. We issued a creditors statutory demand about 4½ weeks ago for the undisputed portion. If the debtors

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