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Potentially Fraudulent Promises

August 15, 2019

One of our client’s has been strung along for some months with promises of payment and extra work. The promises have all been broken, to such an extent that it might amount to fraud. The amount involved is now in...

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Family Provision Dispute

June 23, 2019

This week we received an e-mail from a lady whose step-son has served a Family Provision claim on her and his half-brother, his father having made no provision for him at all in his Will. We sent her back an...

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$1.8 Million Claim – District Court Mediation

June 13, 2019

Michael attended a District Court mediation last week. We represented one elderly defendant. The plaintiff had a somewhat ambit claim seeking $1.8 million in damages plus costs. The other defendant was seeking a 100% indemnity from our client, which I...

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Know who you are contracting with

May 9, 2019

Kellie was in Midland last week seeking summary judgment in case we are working on. The Claimant first of all tried to sue our client’s company for breach of contract. That company counter claimed, but later went into liquidation. They...

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A Couple of Disputes

April 26, 2018

It has been a week for resolving disputes. We re-listed one matter for mediation after the two other parties failed to reach an agreement in the seven weeks since the first mediation appointment, when we thought we had a settlement...

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Commercial Disputes Part II

October 19, 2017

This week we spoke with a client who had engaged a large firm to help handle a dispute with a former business partner. He had paid the law firm $300 000 over twelve months and got nowhere. He sent us...

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Debt Collection Good Result

January 12, 2017

We had a good result for a client just before Christmas last year. Their company had provided over one million dollars in services between 1 July and 30 November, but had not been paid. The company’s former solicitor had concentrated...

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Software Licence Dispute

November 26, 2010

Our clients developed some software to demonstration stage. They set a price and a three-year term. The customer wanted the contract in writing and some versions went back and forth. The key aspects of the licence fee and the three-year...

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