dispute resolution

Sale of Land Dispute

We settled a sale of land contract dispute. Our client contracted to buy a strata unit, subject to the standard REIWA Major Structural Defect provisions. Our client obtained a report which indicated major structural defects in relation to some outside walls. The seller tried to argue that the outside walls were a strata property issue,

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Messy Agency Issues

Our client provided estimates to company A for work on 2 trailers, did the work, charged the amount in the estimate, and got paid. Our client then provided: Our client, believing he was only dealing with company A, issued invoices to company A, but company A said, “not our problem mate”. Company B then blamed

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Enforcing Judgements

We obtained a judgment for our client for about $8,800.00 in the Magistrates Court. The Judgment debtor ignored our demands for payment, so we applied for a Debt Appropriation Order against the debtor’s bank, because, to the extent her bank account is in credit, it is a debt payable on demand by the bank to

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Contract Dispute

We have been helping a client chase a $242k debt, half of which is not actually in dispute, but our client’s client is basically trying to extort a settlement for a lesser sum by withholding the whole amount. We issued a creditors statutory demand about 4½ weeks ago for the undisputed portion. If the debtors

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Con-artist Scam

I’ve been trying to get back money for a client who was convinced to part with money on an offer to purchase shares which was too good to be true.  The con-artist is now bankrupt, so he is not worth chasing. However, a substantial part of the money was deposited into a lawyer’s trust account,

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