I was at a Supreme Court mediation yesterday trying to resolve a long-running dispute.

I’m afraid that the enemy just wasted our time.  This was a third attempt.  On the first attempt we thought we had a resolution to the dispute with my client agreeing to pay a 6 figure amount to go away.  Unfortunately, the enemy and the other party to the transaction could not agree on a costs issue, and the whole deal fell over.

This time around, the enemy failed to provide the expert evidence that they were meant to have obtained by last year, and brought nothing extra to the table, but decided that they wanted 3 times as much as we offered last time, which we thought as already over-generous.

The Mediator tried hard, it was always going to be a difficult task to bring the parties to a resolution.

So, we are quite well-prepared.  The enemy is not. We will be pushing to get the matter set down for a trial as soon as possible, while considering whether to apply to strike out various parts of their claim due to a failure to particularise those parts.

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