Speedy Settlement

An old client came to us last week seeking independent advice on loan contract, guarantees and mortgages being given as security for a loan. The

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IP Issues for IT Client

We received an e-mail from an old IT client who had a trade mark issue. A cruise company wanted to register a trade mark in

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Company Dispute

We started dealing with another company dispute this week. Our client has been left to run the business on his own for over a year

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$1.15 Million Business Sale

I had a lengthy discussion with a client who is selling his interest in 5 businesses to his business associates for $1.15 million, on 90%

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Computer and IT Contracts

We are helping a client who wishes to develop some software to assist in his business and sell to others in the industry to recoup

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Insurance Dispute Resolution

One of our clients has recently been subjected to an ATO audit and he had insurance to cover legal and accounting fees. The audit resulting

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