Option Agreements

It has been a week for option agreements this week.

We amended one that gives a couple of potential investors the option to invest multiples of $50,000 up to $600,000 in a technology company

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Employment Contracts

This week we received a call from a friend of a client with an employment issue. He was recruited, signed a contract and shown his office and the company car.

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Copyright Breach Allegations

We spoke to a client about a copyright matter this week. They had had a company prepare some plans for them based off an initial sketch, however no contract was signed and they did not like the design, so they got the plans drawn up by someone else.

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Shareholder Agreements

We have been working on a shareholder agreement with some slightly complicated succession clauses. In summary: (a) the company pays for insurance for the key

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$11 Million Deal

We have been working on a new $11m deal for a new client – a contract to buy a piece of land and another contract

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We have one client whose company was ordered to be wound up yesterday, but the company assets seem to exceed it liabilities, so we may

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Corporate Compliance

Do you use a company to trade? Do you have the Australian Company Number for that company on your business card? What about your website?

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Exotic Share Class

We have helped a few clients set up companies recently. The last matter required a special class of share for 15% of the total shares

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Privacy Policy

Do you have a Privacy Policy?  Does it comply with the 10 National Privacy Principles from the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988? Did you know that

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Trust Deed Advice

We’ve got a matter where the enemy is questioning the validity of a deed of variation that was signed in 1979 on the basis of

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