Supreme Court Trial

Yesterday one of our matters went to trial before Supreme Judge Allanson. It is rare thing. Only about two per cent of Supreme Court cases

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Neighbour Disputes

We saw a chap yesterday who owns a duplex property. The other duplex owner has built a higher fence next to an old existing fence

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Debt Collection Good Result

We had a good result for a client just before Christmas last year. Their company had provided over one million dollars in services between 1

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Incomplete Sale of Land

We had a new matter this week involving a contract for the sale of land. Our client is a company that owns a villa. The

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Employment Dispute

I saw a new client before my one week break.  He’d been sacked out of the blue.  It was clearly an unfair dismissal and he

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Sale of Land Dispute

We received a referral from a settlement agent this week who is acting for a seller. The contract specified various issues with the house, but

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