This week I’ve been dealing with a case of elder abuse.

Am 82 year old widow client of mine is being harassed by her 60 year old son.

Since her husband died, she has already given him over $½ million, but he keeps asking for more, despite promising each time that it will be the last time.

She has now had enough, so we have written a lengthy letter setting out the circumstances and telling him to cease and desist.

He will not be happy.  His wife, who we suspect is the main culprit, and who seems to like spending the money, is likely to be even less happy!

We have told him that, if he comes onto her property he will be trespassing.

If necessary, we will have to get the police involved if he comes around uninvited and/or a restraining order if he keeps hassling her for money.

While not our favourite line of work, Michael Paterson & Associates can help with these sorts of matters.

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