Last week I settled a dispute between an owner and a project manager.

We acted for the owner.

A project manager for a major renovation sought an extra payment of some $25k from my client.

My client disputed the claim and complained about poor project management, though the damages were hard to quantify.

The Project Manager offered to accept $12.5k before we got involved, but my client was only prepared to pay about $6k.

The project manager sued my client for the full $25k original claim.

We drafted a notice of intention to defend without getting on the record, and drafted some e-mails for the client to send, setting out the issues stating that we intended to counter claim, but would walk away with nether party paying anything to the other.

By that stage, my client was prepared to pay only about $3k.

The dispute was settled on a walk away basis within a week.  Our client only had to pay us.

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