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YouTube Copyright Dispute

September 26, 2019

This week we received an enquiry about a breach of copyright. Our  client claims to own the copyright in several documentaries which have been posted on YouTube At least 3 individuals have posted films on YouTube without permission. There have...

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Heritage Commercial Property Sub-Lease

September 12, 2019

This week I’ve been helping a client negotiate a sub-lease of a heritage-listed commercial property. I am a bit concerned because the landlord is somewhat notorious. However, my client feels that he is in a reasonably strong position, partly because...

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Dispute Over Unpaid Invoices

September 5, 2019

I received a call during the week from the daughter of a gentleman who has taken out his own summons in the Magistrates Court, chasing over $62k in unpaid invoices. A trial is listed for April, but various orders have...

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Guardianship and Administration Order

September 4, 2019

What to do when a loved one has Alzheimer’s and is incapable of looking after themselves or making decisions: You would need to obtain a Guardianship and Administration Order to appoint you or another trusted individual as their guardian and...

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Speedy Settlement

August 29, 2019

An old client came to us last week seeking independent advice on loan contract, guarantees and mortgages being given as security for a loan. The deal involved borrowing just over $175k for 6 months, but only receiving $150k after application...

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A Heavy-Handed Section 69 Notice – Fair Trading Act

August 22, 2019

Michael met with a lady who had recently sold some vacant land. The buyer was not happy about the sewer line on which she could not build and reported the matter to the Department of Commerce. The Department is now investigating...

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Case Summary of Porter -v- Steinberg [2019] WASC 291

August 16, 2019

In this case, the Applicant lived in a lower floor unit in a Strata development. The Respondents living in the unit immediately above the Applicant’s unit, removed carpet and replaced the flooring with tiles. The Applicant took action in the...

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Potentially Fraudulent Promises

August 15, 2019

One of our client’s has been strung along for some months with promises of payment and extra work. The promises have all been broken, to such an extent that it might amount to fraud. The amount involved is now in...

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Lease Dispute Arbitration

August 1, 2019

This week we finalised an agreement to send numerous disputes regarding a lease to arbitration. One dispute related to whether the lessee or the lessor is liable for sewerage discharge charges levied by the Water Corp. Other disputes relate to...

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