Michael met with a lady who had recently sold some vacant land.

The buyer was not happy about the sewer line on which she could not build and reported the matter to the Department of Commerce.

The Department is now investigating breaches of codes of conduct, rules and regulations by her settlement agent for acting for both parties without following the rules and the and real estate agent for not disclosing the sewer line.

The Department sent a s.69 Fair Trading Act 2010 notice to our client’s husband with a host of questions to answer with a Statutory Declaration.

Failure for comply can lead to a $10,000 fine – very heavy handed

Michael contacted the department and got the notice withdrawn, and our client, not her husband has agreed to an interview instead, since she was the one who dealt the most with both anyway.  The client is now a lot less stressed.

For stress relief when served with nasty heavy-handed notices, contact Michael Paterson & Associates.

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