Tax- Effective Wills

Who would like to give 2% of their superannuation to the tax man, for no good reason? These days, most people have a half-reasonable amount in super. Most married people who die give their super to their spouse, but what about the survivor? They typically give their super to their adult children.  If they do

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Enforcing Judgements

We obtained a judgment for our client for about $8,800.00 in the Magistrates Court. The Judgment debtor ignored our demands for payment, so we applied for a Debt Appropriation Order against the debtor’s bank, because, to the extent her bank account is in credit, it is a debt payable on demand by the bank to

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Tax- Effective Wills

We received a reminder from the provider of our SMSF deeds the other day. If you nominate your legal personal representative to be the recipient of your superannuation proceeds, make sure that they are dealt with separately in your Will, especially if your will has discretionary testamentary trust provisions.  For example, if you leave your

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Trust Deeds

Do you have your business held in Family Trust or Discretionary Trust? The ATO and most trust deeds, require a resolution distributing the income from the trust to its various beneficiaries to be made. If the resolutions are not passed, they cannot be made and back-dated.  That amounts to fraud. Some deed have a default

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Contract Dispute

We have been helping a client chase a $242k debt, half of which is not actually in dispute, but our client’s client is basically trying to extort a settlement for a lesser sum by withholding the whole amount. We issued a creditors statutory demand about 4½ weeks ago for the undisputed portion. If the debtors

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