We are working on a set of documents for a proposed development:

  • A trust deed making it clear that the trustees are purchasing the land on trust for the beneficiaries, one of whom will own one strata unit and the other the rest;
  • The wording for the contract of sale;
  • Loan agreement from the mother/mother-in-law who is providing funding;
  • Charges over real and personal property to secure the obligations under the loan;
  • Plus some new wills and enduring powers of attorney.

We also had a Federal Policeman attend the office with a search warrant and a UK Policeman by the name of Constable Care!

It seems that UK resident for whom we prepared a will in 2008 has been claiming benefits in the UK while owning undeclared property in Australia.  We were not prepared to disclose any information to the Police without the warrant.

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