This week we settled some submissions to Telstra on behalf of a client who has been badly stuffed around by Telstra:

  • The client bought a business;
  • It took 162 days for Telstra to redirect the phone number;
  • A few months later, the redirection stopped for 43 days no apparent reason;
  • In the meantime, Telstra put the wrong contact address in its database and sent all the invoices and overdue notices there, unbeknownst to our client;
  • It then cut off the redirection altogether; and
  • The last straw, while our client was trying to get it redirected once again, Telstra not only failed to quarantine the number for 3 months as per its own policies, but it gave the number to a competitor!

The tricky thing here has been calculating the loss, but the client was able to establish a conversion rate, average sale price, and net profit on sales, and we have estimated the value of the goodwill that was lost based on the those figures as well as the lost profit.  We calculated the losses to amount to over $60k, which is well-worth chasing.

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