What to do when a loved one has Alzheimer’s and is incapable of looking after themselves or making decisions:

You would need to obtain a Guardianship and Administration Order to appoint you or another trusted individual as their guardian and administrator.

The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) handles these applications.

You/they would probably need to be appointed as a plenary guardian and administrator, which is the broadest possible appointment that the SAT can make.

You should be able to obtain the orders yourself.

You will need medical reports to support the application, confirming that they are suffering from Alzheimer’s and cannot make decisions for themselves.

The process of making the application is explained here:


For more information see: https://www.sat.justice.wa.gov.au/G/guardianship_and_administration.aspx

If you need our assistance, we are happy to help!  However the more you can do yourself, the cheaper it will be.

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