I received a call during the week from the daughter of a gentleman who has taken out his own summons in the Magistrates Court, chasing over $62k in unpaid invoices.

A trial is listed for April, but various orders have been made in the meantime regarding procedural steps that need to be taken.

Unfortunately, they have not understood properly what needs to happen.

To date I have spent a bit over an hour discussing the issues, sending them various forms and a draft spreadsheet and a few tips.

I will need to meet with them and help them some more in order to ensure that the matter is ready for trial.

I will also be suggesting ways and means to settle the matter without needing to have the trial, since the whole thing is really an accounting exercise, and it should not need a Magistrate to sort it out.

Once they pin the enemy down to the details in the spreadsheet, the matter should really resolve itself.

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